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  • What the Python Sees

    There are many things for which microcontrollers, like the Arduino, are perfect. Sensing, blinking, automation - all of these can be done with a reasonably simple sketch and return perfect results. As someone with a strong background in mechanical engineering, microcontrollers were perfect for many
  • All About Distance Sensing

    We’ve put together a page dedicated to distance sensing. Get a quick overview of how distance sensing works, a comparison guide and maybe even some inspiration for your next project.   Here at SparkFun, distance sensors have long been a top seller and fan favorite. With different technologies
  • Enginursday: Introduction to MQTT

    The Messaging Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol that works on top of your home TCP/IP network. It provides a fast and reliable way to connect your IoT devices together and create responses to messages. Every MQTT network needs a broker. The broker
  • Shipping Guide for the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us again! Fear not, internet shopper, we’re here to tell you what to do to avoid online buying disappointment. Check out our Holiday Shipping Guide so you know when each shipping method’s deadline arrives (that way if something doesn’t arrive on time, you can
  • Enginursday: Glowing Guitar, Part Deux

    If you’ve been following my blog posts, you might know what’s coming up with this project. I first posted about using ArtNet to drive pixels here. I then got to work creating an LED-covered guitar in this blog post (I’d suggest checking these out if you haven’t yet, to see...
  • Special Wednesday Product Post: Get Connected for the Holidays

    Hello and welcome to a special Wednesday Product Post! Due to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we decided to release all our new products a few days early. We have two different SparkFun LTE shields, one with an included SIM card and one without. We’ve also updated and...
  • According to Pete: IMU 101

    Today’s episode idea comes from Wes in Tech Support. Wes told me that sometimes people have difficulty wrapping their heads around IMU selection: what it will and won’t do, what the numbers mean, how you talk to it and what you have to bring to the game. So this video...
  • From the Field: GroupGets Labs (aka GetLab)

    Ron Justin Number one is the Sparkfun Third Hand Kit. On top of being well… handy, it was also designed by a friend and former colleague of mine, so that’s an added bonus. “Helping hands” rigs are ubiquitous to hold your boards for soldering, but the Third Hand Kit has...
  • Friday Product Post: Be a Qwiic Pro

    Hello there everyone and welcome back! Hopefully you were able to get some great parts and boards during our Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, but now we move forward to bring you even more new products this week! We start off the week with the Pro nRF52840 Mini, an...
  • From the Field: Designing Custom PCBs with SparkFun

    I think the first place any aspiring hardware/IoT maker finds themselves (after buying an Arduino or Raspberry Pi) is on the SparkFun website, browsing all the various sensors, breakout boards and tutorials available. I mean the options are endless! From sound, temperature, air quality and pressure

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